Rounak Choudhary

I am Rounak Choudhary, a Game Developer, and an Engineering student 🔥.

 In my childhood, I was fascinated by the games like GTA Vice City and NFS and I had a keen interest in how these games are made 🤔. That interest started to become a dream and now I am working as a game developer and creating games like that 😁.

I am also a Youtuber with a gaming channel having 3.7K subscribers, a Twitch Affiliate streamer and a Spotify verified artist ☑. I love to sing and play guitar. I am fond of Japanese Culture and want to go there once in my lifetime 😊.

Here is the Nindo I always follow 😇 

“If you’re the king that rules the court, I’ll have to defeat you, and I’ll be the last one standing!” 

Rounak Choudhary