Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

The Game is Designed for the children above 10 +

Currently, the game is only available in English. We will develop in other languages in the future.

Yes, the above product comes the same, the Trigo Coins come as a joint bunch which can be separated easily.

No, We will launch various variant in Future

Trigonometry is a very detail topic, it’s not possible to teach all the rules and principles in one game, it will help children to learn about the basic functions, also removing the phobia and anxiety.

It takes 5-6 minutes to learn about rules and 15 minutes of playing experience.

The game goes long depends on the player’s moves, a minimum of 45 Minute.

Yes, we can deliver it, Drop us a mail at –

Currently, it’s designed for two players.

Yes, there is a one-page rule, you can find the video as well on the website.

It’s sound complicated because of the topic, but it’s very simple

Tokens are made up of Plastic.
Yes, if you are purchasing more than 10 boxes we can give you some discounts
Yes, we do offer a workshop. If you would like to have a workshop in your school, write to us at

Yes, you can purchase it and take the workshop in any period.

Currently, the game is only available in Board Format, However, there is an app which has E-Dice that can be used by the player while playing on the board.
The Accessories of the game will be available online, In case if you are not able to find it, write to us at
The Current weight of the box is around 490 Grams
The Box Measurement is around – 15 Inches * 7.5 Inches * 1 Inch. 
The Game is Designed in a way that, it enhances the early stage learning. We recommended you to go through the video of  ” How to Play Trigonik
Trigonik is an Intellectual Property Right of Ideaforage Innovations Private Limited.
The Product is the best fit for the Maths Lab.
We have Exclusive plans for NGOs and bulk Order, If you want to donate Write is
We only refund if the Product has a defect.